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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The Spirit teaches and guides

This week in Powell:
We have been out in the neighborhoods a lot, and we have been visiting a lot of former people that the sisters have visited previously. One of which resulted in a wonderful experience. We went to this lady's house to see if she was there. Instead this 6'7 man answered the door and asked us what we wanted. I told him that we are missionaries for our church and asked him what church he goes to. He told us to wait a minute, so we did, and he came back out and we started talking. He told us that he was an atheist, and that he didn't believe in God anymore and that he was up for a good debate. We asked him a lot of questions about himself, and why he had come to this conclusion, and he had a few experiences that had lead him to that conclusion. We talked to this man for a couple of seconds before his little brother came out. We asked him questions about what he believes in, and he is in the same predicament as his big brother. By the end of this brief meeting, both of the men were opened to us coming back to talk about the Gospel. Since that day, I've been thinking a lot about accountability, and other tools that our Heavenly Father has given  us to be successful. And the words that are said a LOT of the time, are certainly not my own. Granted I do write thought provoking questions down in my personal studies, and then I practice those thought provoking questions with my companion in companion study, but when it comes down to it, it's the Spirit that asks all of the questions. It's the Spirit that guides us to those whom the Father has prepared. We also found the cutest little family!! When we knocked on the door, the lady looked at us and said, "Oh missionaries! You must be cold, come right in!" We couldn't believe what had happened!! So we are in this lady's home, and she is telling us that her husband is a former Catholic, but not practicing, in fact he is now a member of the Methodist faith. She mentioned that her brother in law is Mormon, and that he lives in Alpine, Utah. She said that this brother in law had cancer at one point that had put in in the hospital for quite a while. There would be people from the church at the hospital all the time to see how he was doing. It melted her heart. She also mentioned that she has a niece and a nephew who had just returned home from missions. :) This was incredible to hear. The Lord has people prepared where everywhere we go.
Our Investigator is doing well. We had extended a baptismal date for the 22 of this month, but she declined because she feels like she does not know enough. She has a few other concerns that we are working on resolving. There is a special spirit that is felt when we visit Christine. She is always asking questions, and she is always listing to the Spirit. The Spirit basically teaches her. Which, I've discovered is how it should be. At this moment we are also working on getting her involved in the ward so she has a few more girlfriends. :) My hope is, she'll be baptized this transfer. I hope, I hope, I hope!!! She is literally, so close!! It makes me sick with excitement!!
We are also working with this young lady (it's weird, she's 18.. I'm not much older than she is.) who was at one point ready to be baptized. She stopped seeing the missionaries because she thought that they were pushing her too much to be baptized. We have gotten back into contact with her, and she is incredible. ( I think everyone is incredible. :)) She is a gymnast, and an author. She loves God, and loves reading the bible. This time around, we are going to focus on helping her to see that this Gospel is what it was when the Savior was on the earth. I'm really excited about teaching her.
Aleta had asked me about ward missionary work. Ward missionaries are so key in the process of those who are looking into the church. They are at lessons, and bear testimony of the Gospel, they help fellowship (introducing investigators to members, and inviting them to activities outside of the church) , they invite them to ward functions. Ward missionaries help the work move forward. I hope your ward has a ward mission plan. In fact, I hope that each auxiliary has one. When the ward is focused on hastening the work, then everyone is more missionary minded. I can't even begin to express how ward missionaries influence the work of Lord. The more you study the scriptures and pay the price of sacrificed time, in that moment you are teaching with the missionaries, the Spirit will fill your mouth with words that are meant for that person. 2 Nephi 32:3 Link to the scripture explains it much better than I can. So does John 7:17. "If any man will do His will, he shall know the doctrine, weather it be of God, or weather I speak of myself." I hope that helps. :)

There is such great knowledge that is reaped from struggles and hardships. There is also great wisdom that comes from both the good times and the hard times. I've been thinking a lot about Alma 32 Link to the scripture, and have read it in conjunction with Hebrews 11 Link to the scripture, and although we have not seen the Savior, nor have we heard His words, we have felt His Spirit testify to us of His divinity. We have felt in our hearts the sound of redeeming love. We have come to know for ourselves that this Gospel is true. We know that it is because of Him and it is only through Him that we can live with our Father in Heaven, and know Him. I find it a privilege to suffer for in the name of the Lord. Granted, don't ask for it to rain and have it be only 20 degrees out, and I certainly don't pray for people to slam the door in may face. BUT, what I am grateful for is the strength that is given to approach these people. To go around meeting people in the bitter cold, or the scorching heat, and when it is my time to go through something hard, I'll do it with confidence. My friends, I know that this Gospel is true. Keep being wonderful!! I love all of you!! Ha ha sorry about the novel. :) 
Sister Preston
P.S. There is a Polar Vortex coming to Ohio!!

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