Sister Preston has been called to serve as a missionary of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
in the Ohio Columbus Mission. She will serve from March 2014 through September 2015. Follow her service here.

Monday, August 31, 2015

Almost the 9th hour...

This week has been so busy!
We have been doing a lot of everything.
Since I remember Sunday the most, I'll start with that.
I gave a talk at church. All of the missionaries spoke. Guess who went last? If you guessed me, you are 100% correct. I don't know why this always happens.... It went well though. The Elders gave a 3-4 minute talk, and Sister Corbett gave a 3 minute talk. So it was up to be to talk for the next 20 minutes!!! Remember when I gave a 3 minute talk before I left Bishop Walker? For once I spoke for the whole 20 minutes! Who knew how fun it is to talk about out Savior and invite others to come closer to him. We almost had a cute little Asian man at church. He was willing to come-all he needed was a ride. I'm not gonna lie, I came really close to just giving him a ride. Since I love God more I didn't.
C was at church. She is currently working towards baptism on the 19th of September!!!
We have been meeting with her quite a bit. She misses the other Sisters. But I assured her that we are just as cool as Sister Beebe. :) It's been so much fun to teach her! She will be the second person whom I've taught who is under 20!
Sorry this is short!!
But I'll end with a bang.
I know Jesus Christ can and will help us if we call on Him. The friends that we make in the Gospel are eternal and precious. I know God loves me and will direct me.

Peace, love, and mucho fun!!


Sister Preston

Monday, August 24, 2015

New Area, New Companion, Thug Life

So this week has been WILD.

I am in a new area, it's not too far away from Riverside. In fact I switched areas. I am in THE HEART OF COLUMBUS!! And I have a lot of homies who are teaching me how to be a "Straight up G." My new companions name is Sister Corbett. She is from West Jordan in Utah.
She is a straight up cool person. We get a long well. :) I forgot to mention that we were doubled in. This means that we were put into a new area without having a previous person here who knows it. It was a tender mercy for us since I have been on exchanges here, so I know my way around just a little bit. Our first couple of days have been really exhausting. On top of getting to know the current investigators here, we have been finding through our own efforts. It was kind of hot the other day when we were out knocking on doors. There were a lot of people out. We talked to a lot of people who would be interested in learning more.
 I have been hitting a big wall lately. Not a wall of not wanting to do the work, I am just extremely tired. My heart has been drawn out in prayer in order to push past the wall and to keep going against the grind.
In Columbus there are all sorts of different kinds of people. I like the verity. We had an interesting lesson with one of our investigators the other day. She mentioned to us that she has a problem with the men holding the Priesthood. I listened to her as she told us how "women don't have a say in our church, and how the men have all the say." My heart hurt for her, or maybe it hurt for me, I'm still trying to decide. I expressed to her as simply as I could that the Priesthood is a sacred gift given to men to help God's children. I told her that the best way to find this out for herself was to read the Book of Mormon and find out for herself if what we are saying and what the Book of Mormon are saying are true. We have a Mission Wide Leadership Training on Tuesday, so President Daines has asked us to come prepared to learn. He assigned a talk given by Elder Oaks to read entitled " The Keys and Authority of the Priesthood." click here for a link to the talk  Perfect timing if you ask me!
As I read this talk this morning I couldn't help but feel the love that God has for us. He must really trust us if he would give us His authority on the earth. I'm just going to throw this out there since I am being "straight up", men and women need each other. The more righteous men and woman are, the more they can influence one another.

Not only that but in order to reach exaltation we need the new and everlasting covenant  that is preformed under the priesthood authority. And I feel like I have a voice in this Church. Even though I am in a Missionary Council, I feel like my voice is heard. Any who, that's my soap box for the day. :) Our apartment is kind of ghetto. All of you wouldn't believe what I found.....

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Life is like a box of Chocolates...

The other day I was in Alma 26, better knows as Alma's psalm. Click here for a link to this chapter of Alma He was testifying of the goodness of God for all of the success that he had had during the course of his mission. He said these words that I totally concur with. He said "Now if this is boasting, even so will I boast; for this is my life and my light, my joy and my salvation, and my redemption from everlasting wo. Yea, blessed is the name of my God, who has been mindful of this people, who are a branch of the tree of Israel, and has been lost from its body in a strange land; yea, I say, blessed be the name of my God, who has been mindful of us, wanderers in a strange land." The only person that I can boast in is my God who has saved me from "the bonds of iniquity." Okay, I am still really dramatic, but seriously, I do dumb things and He forgives me. He has guided me to those in this area who want to feel their burdens be lifted from them. The joy that I feel from seeing someone even invite us back is glorious. This week we have been seeing miracle after miracle. And all of it is due to our Father in Heaven. For instance, on exchanges we tracked on a street and found 4 new potentials. Sister Crandall and I went back and met whom we thought was a lady named R, we met a lady named K. She mentioned to us that she was was just talking to her mom about going to a church. The Spirit was SO strong as we talked to her about what this Gospel can do for her, and especially what the Gospel has done for us in our lives.
Oh yeah on top of all of these miracles, we had a member of the 12 come to Columbus. We had Elder Cook!!! He met with all of the missionaries. President Daines promised us that if we came to this meeting prepared that we could influence the Spirit. Sure enough we did, and we ended up having a question and answer with Elder Cook. We also had Elder Hallstrum with us. He's in the presiding Bishopbric.
Meeting with these men was highlight of my  mission. Before we started the meeting, Elder Cook and Elder Hallstrum shook each missionaries hand. There was a special Spirit of love in the Chapel. I was so excited to hear his words. It was a very special experience to hear from an Apostle of the Lord. I know that he has been called of God, and I know that he can only do the will of the Lord. I am so grateful to have this opportunity to serve and love and be who the Lord would have me be.
Before I forget, I chopped ALL of my  hair off and now I look like a boy. Just kidding!! I did cut my hair though. It's a good 5 inches shorter. Guess who did it.... If you guess Sister Crandall, you win the big prize. :) Any who, the church is true. I have been so happy serving my fellow beings. I know that living within the bonds of the Restored Gospel that I can be infinitely happy.

I love you all. Live long and prosper. Don't let the muggles get you down!


Sister Preston

Monday, August 10, 2015

The Adventures of Crandall and Preston

I'm a bit behind sending all of you an email. We ran out of time last preparation day... Sorry about that.

Last week we had a super fun Preparation Day. We went to all of the Brutus's that are on Ohio States' campus. We went with our investigator. We took some priceless pictures.

Every Monday evening at 6:30 we have been visiting with S and D. S is from Peru and D is from Mansfield. They're a cute couple. S is coming closer and closer towards baptism every time we meet with her. D isn't as invested as S is. We know that if she were to join that he would be really supportive. Also, D and S came to church yesterday!! It was nice having them there.

On Tuesday we were on exchanges with the Madison Lake Sisters. I was with Sister Folsom for the day. Sister Folsom has been out for 3 months and is really diligent. I love how much she loves the work. We found a few potential investigators while we were working together. I love working with Missionaries who are still green. They have a lot of fire in them. Wednesday was District Meeting. Elder Cameron our District Leader is super cool. He plans really fun activities for us to do. What I love the most about them is that not one of them are the same. We talked a lot about our testimonies of God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ. He has us write our thoughts and feelings in our journal. Which lead to us talking about the Prophet Joseph. It was a perfect preparation for Zone Conference. President has all of the Zones read "Path to Palmyra" and "The Coming Forth of the Book of Mormon" so that we could have a discussion about it. I noticed the Spirit being particularly strong  as we talked about the Smith families journey to Palmyra. They went through a lot. Although they went through a lot their lives went bad. They had each other. And Joseph became a strong man because of it. Zone Conference is perhaps one of my favorite events. Good food, even better Spirit, and people that I love. What could be more joyous than that?! Well a few things come to mind.... But I won't say it. :) Ohio had their annual State Fair... And guess what! We contacted there! It was so much fun! We saw a lot of great people who were interested in learning more. Among that we saw a lot of fried food booths. I kid you not, there was not one healthy thing out there. I did partake of a few of those things... And I regret nothing. #fairfood We saw a huge cow and a Brutus made out of BUTTER!!! It was crazy!!
I feel like the whole week went by super fast.
Any who, have a great week everyone!


Sister Preston