Sister Preston has been called to serve as a missionary of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
in the Ohio Columbus Mission. She will serve from March 2014 through September 2015. Follow her service here.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Because He lives!

There is a new video out called Because He Lives. It brings happiness to my heart.
Click here to see the video

John 20:3–18, Mary Magdalene speaks with the resurrected Christ
We have been showing it to everyone!! I'd say that it makes them happy.
This may be a little bit short. . . But in a nut shell I had a bit of a flue so the work was a little bit slow. I did receive a Priesthood Blessing and it did make all of the difference.
L is on date for the 11 of this month. Time just fly's by!! She is excited. Her boyfriend who is serving his mission in California is going to skype us while this is happening. I don't think she knows about it. So that will be a great surprise for her!!
Anyway that's the life for me out here in New Albany!!
Sister Preston

Monday, March 23, 2015

I've been out for a year now, and it feels like the time has just sped by

Sorry about last week everyone! I get lazy and don't feel like sending anything sometimes.
This last week we had a lot of fun!! Last week we had a fun District meeting with a member family. They're so fun! We love them to bits! Before we knew it our Preparation day was over and we went to the R's home and had a lesson with L. L is an incredible human being. She has been through SO much; and yet she has come out the victor. For a while her mom wouldn't let her come to church, talk to the missionaries, or even read the Book of Mormon. But unannounced to her mother, she still read the Book of Mormon. She has read the whole Bible before, so reading the Book of Mormon was very natural for her. We've had incredibly Spirit filled lessons with her. And on the 11 of April she is going to be baptized. She is excited, and we are excited for her. We had the car this week, and believe it or not, I am actually really bored of driving. I'd rather be out and about walking around making sure that people can see us. I especially love talking to those dog walkers. They're everywhere!!

This past week a wonderful lady that I taught in Mansfield was baptized, and I had the opportunity to attend. She was happier than a lark! She was crying for joy! The look on her face as she was fully submerged into the water was priceless. This woman had been raised a member, but had left the church do to some things that had happened in her life. But now she is back, and stronger than ever! The Spirit that was felt there was incredibly strong. I loved seeing her and all of those whom I spent the first 6 months of my mission with.

I've been out for a year now, and it feels like the time has just sped by. Thus far I've come to know who our Lord is. He is ever patient with me. He knows who I am; and He certainly knows who my brothers and sisters are. He has helped me in the happiest of times and He has helped me with the hardest of times. The more I put His will in front of mine, the more success I see in the work. And the more I can give all the glory to Him. There are no coincidences in this mortal world. I love how often I've seen blessings from following the mission rules, and from allowing myself fall in love with the people. I wish I could express all of the feelings that I feel in my heart about this work- about our Savior. But this will suffice.

I love you all. And I pray that life is treating you well!
Thank you for the love. Thank you for the prayers. Thank you for believing in me.
Sister Preston

Monday, March 9, 2015

New Albany in the Spring

Hello Everyone!! Happy Spring! It has finally come in my neck of the woods!
I was in Powell for 6 months. . . and I miss it. But where I am now is truly inspired. I am in New Albany with Sister Garza. Sister Garza is from Michigan. Now for those who don't know about Ohio... those who are from Michigan are not exactly welcomed here. Due to the revelry between the schools. Sister Garza said that she's gotten some pretty funny reactions when she tells people that she is from Michigan. She is wonderful. The Sisters had gotten a ride from a member. Let me tell you, she is the funniest person. She cracks herself up. On the way home she got us some lunch. As we were feasting on some food we started talking about what she did before she retired. She made maps. Lots, and lots of maps. She showed us some of them. After we ate we went on our merry way to New Albany. I have been to New Albany before, but it was different this time since it is my area now. I felt like I was going into a whole new world. When we got to our apartment Sister Garza told me a bit about the members. The Saints where ever you go are amazing. That evening we saw a less active member who just had a wee baby. He was cute. This member wants to go to the Temple. We discussed the things that need to be done before entering into the house of the Lord. She is very excited. And ready to come back to church. Before We knew it it was dinner time.. and we had it with the same Sister who fed us lunch! I thought that she would have had enough of me! She welcomed us right in and we had a feast. After we had dinner with her we went to Missionary Coordination. It was great! I got to meet Bro. Hopkins, and his sweet wife. Sister McCall and Sister W ( I can't spell her last name so we'll just call her Sister W.). They are all wonderful.
Friday was weekly planning day. I've gained a strong testimony of weekly planning. They make all the difference. I forgot to mention that I am in a walking area. We share the car with the Elders. Since we walk we coordinate with the members where we need to be and what not. It's quite handy. On Saturday we were out and about meeting with people. We knocked on a few doors and met very nice people. We had the impression to go to another area. We followed this impression and ended up meeting a lady. She was walking her cure little dog. We walked up to her and started talking about the Gospel. It was a cool experience because when we started talking to her she told us that she had been looking into our church. She had a few doctrinal questions about the Plan of Salvation. Wise Sister Garza pulled out a pamphlet gave it to her. We ended the conversation with an invitation back to her house. ( Although today she called us to let us know that she doesn't want us over. At least she has a pamphlet. :)) That evening we went to the Adult session of Stake Conference. The talks were about Ward Councils and how they are to be governed. I thought back to the times when I have been to very revelatory Ward Councils. I love being apart of them as a missionary. We are an extension to not only the 12 Apostles, but to the Bishop and all of the auxiliary. President Daines had a few moments to share with us his testimony. He talked about power; and how we don't talk about it that much. We talk of the miracles and the tender mercies, but how often do we talk about the power that the Savior of the World has. He bore a powerful testimony of the Book of Mormon. I am surrounded by leaders to who love the Lord. As you all can imagine the Sunday meeting was even better. The topic of the evening was about being converted to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
 As you can all see, New Albany is treating me well. I hope that everyone has a great week!!
Sister Preston

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

I realized that there was another set of footprints in the snow

Every Wednesday we have a Zone Training meeting and this week we met at the institute at OSU. We had a great training about Finding by the Spirit and having companionship's that are in unity. It's incredible how inspired our leaders are. A lot of the questions that I had were answered at that meeting.
We went to visit a lady whom missionaries have met in the area previously, and she wasn't home. So we contacted the street that she lives on. At 3 that day we went out to lunch with a 70 year old Muslim lady. We go by her home a couple times a week to clean her home. She is the kindest lady I know. She took us to a yummy restaurant called "Max and Irma's". The sweet lady that took us was so happy about spending time with us. She told us about her week and how her doctors appointments went. All the while we started chatting with a chap named Lincoln. He told us about his family, and even about what he believes in. He goes to a Baptist Church. Boy does he love our Lord!! He told me a book that I should read when I go home. I had been talking to everyone about the Gospel, and our little friend told me " You're on one!" It was so funny!! I wish everyone could meet her. She is like my grandma. After we ate lunch as we were driving back she asked us if we could go to the store for a minute. A wee bit naïve we were to think that it would only take us 10 minutes. We were there for 30. As we were looking around waiting for our friend to get her medications we talked to a very nice college-aged girl about her beliefs. She mentioned to us that she goes to one of the popular Catholic Church's in town. We talked to her about the Restored Gospel and asked her when we could see her again. She was a bit hesitant, but ultimately she told us what her work schedule is like and invited us to see her.
After we talked to this kind girl, our elderly friend dropped us off at our home and we zipped off to see a former investigator. The Lord was looking out for us, and for her. As were pulled up to our next appointment's neighborhood she pulled up, and we prayed that the member whom we had asked to come with us would be there quickly. It ended up working out quite well. We gave this former investigator another copy of the Book of Mormon so that her boys could share and invited her to the Missionary Musical Fireside for Easter. I am so grateful that we had a member with us. We had been very frazzled as to how we could help this investigator get to church, and "BAM!!" We have one to not only fellowship, but to help this kind lady get to church!!
The rest of the evening was wonderful. I have had the blessed opportunity to  watch my dear companion Sister Farmer grow. She is out of her little bubble, and into a new one that is filled with infinite potential. She see's it, and oh what a beautiful view it is!! That evening we met with our dear friend. We have been helping her our with her photo books and what not over the past couple of weeks. She has made a big dent!! Tonight we had a great sit down lesson with her. We took a member with us who is wonderful with people. We asked Christine if she believes that Joseph Smith is a Prophet. She pondered that question for a moment and said "Yes. Yes I believe that he is a Prophet of God." The Spirit was incredibly strong - and I almost burst out in tears. After a few sacred moments we extended baptism to her. She declined kindly and told us that she isn't quite ready. I have so much faith in her. I have so much faith in the Lord that in His glorious time He will guide her to the waters of Baptism. I know that if I stay in Powell another transfer that it'll be for her.  
On Thursday we did a bit of Family History. It's taken me a LONG time to get the feel for it, but I now like doing it whenever we can. The Church has made it super easy, and super fun!! On the days that we do Family History, I usually watch 'Joseph Smith: The Prophet of the Restoration.' The Spirit of Elijah mixed with the powerful witness of Joseph always makes me cry. I know that he is a Prophet of God. I know that he did a great work for our Lord. I am so grateful for the Priesthood power that has been Restored to this earth.
The ward is phenomenal with there ward mission plan. One of the things that we are doing to help the members out with their missionary work is by going to each home to teach the Restoration. We went to a members home that morning to teach them. It's interesting how different each lesson is. This member needed to know that she is appreciated, and that the programs that our Gospel has for both social and spiritual are for her, and everyone else who needs a wee brake from there life.
About once a week we have been volunteering at an Assisted living place. All of the elderly there love us. And we love them!! We had a tea party with them and talked to them about there fondest memories. I've learned a lot from them. We have gotten fairly close with one of the ladies that is in charge of the activities. She is so kind to us. We talked to her about the Gospel at the end of this activity. She told us some of the concerns that she has and we listened. We offered to give her a tour of our Chapel. She said that she's think about and talk about it with her husband. I pray that it all works out according to the Lord's will.
We have been visiting this little boy since I've been here. He's one of my favorites. We play games with him and help him out with his speech. He has Autism. You wouldn't know it if you were to talk to him. That day his grandma and his cousin were there. It was so nice to meet them. They have been asking a few questions here and there about the church. Which is a huge blessing!!
I'm going to fast forward to Sunday. This past Sunday it snowed a lot! We had about 6 inches of snow.. or more. It was a lot. And it was heavy. It was also fast Sunday. At church we heard some of the most beautiful testimonies that were borne. My dear friend bore her testimony about the Atonement. Seeing her cry, made me cry. She is so happy. This Gospel has brought her so much joy and peace. This little 9 year old bore his testimony on the Holy Ghost and the Book of Mormon. There was not a dry eye in the room. We were Spiritually fed that afternoon.
We have been shovel contacting a lot since there is snow. I was a little worried about shoveling when we hadn't eaten any food. I know that it was the Spirit that directed us to do so. We shoveled a HUGE driveway. The whole while I was humming some of my favorite hymns and thinking about some of my favorite versus in the Book of Mormon. There is such a special Spirit that is felt when we serve with all of our hearts, and all of our minds, and literally with all of our strength. I kept looking back at the snow and I noticed that there were my footprints and Sister Farmer's footprints in the snow. I felt this overwhelming feeling when I realized that there was another set in snow. They were the footprints of our Savior. I know that He is with me at every step of this work. These thoughts have carried with me into today. I know that He is with all of us as we go about doing good. Following Him helps us to know who Father is. I don't know where I'll go in a few days or even if I stay here. But I do know that our Savior is directing this work. He is so aware of all of our worries and strengths. The Book of Mormon is laced with His doctrine and His teachings. In His time we shall see everyone cry "Hosanna, Hosanna! Blessed be the name of our God!!" I love all of you and I pray that you are finding success. :)
Sister Preston     


February 16, 2015
This week has been just a blast!! So many cool and wonderful things have happened!!

Thank you all so much for the Birthday Cards!! They really meant a lot to me. :)

This week we have been out and about in the bitter cold. I am currently wearing 2 layers of tights, 3 shirts, 2 jackets, 2 pairs of socks, a scarf, and a winter coat. AND I AM STILL COLD. The other day we had a white out... and it was so crazy!! We prayed for all of the missionaries and all of those who were traveling. On Tuesday when we came home, we found our door covered with cute little hearts that said "Happy Birthday!!" and "Happy Valentine's Day!!" It was so sweet of them!

We had a great lesson with a lady. We have been talking to her about the Plan of Salvation. There is such a powerful Spirit whenever I have talked to anyone about this Plan. She had recently lost a close family member, so this message brought a lot of comfort and peace. She is currently reading Alma 40 in the Book of Mormon. I pray that that brings her some more comfort and solace.

This week we have been helping out an investigator with putting some old pictures that she has away. It has brought back some wonderful memories. And while we are organizing her photos, she asks us questions about the Book of Mormon, and about the Prophet Joseph Smith. We have been working with her for so long, and I know that in the Lord's time she will enter into the waters of Baptism. Which.. is something she is considering. She asks so many questions about it. You can imagine how happy that makes me. :)

I have recently finished the Book of Mormon, and it's incredible how the lessons in this book are so applicable to our world today. I love how each chapter are always in tuned to my every day life. I have felt the peace and joy from drinking from it. I love seeing how our Savior is on EVERY page. I know that reading this book has changed me.. and will continue to change me. I am incredibly grateful for our Savior and for all of those who have helped me to get to this point where I am at today. I know that my Savior lives. I know that Joseph Smith was a Prophet of God.

I love you all!! Have a wonderful week!


Sister Preston

P.s. I hope everyone is preparing for General Conference!! :)