Sister Preston has been called to serve as a missionary of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
in the Ohio Columbus Mission. She will serve from March 2014 through September 2015. Follow her service here.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

A week in the life of a sister missionary

June 9, 2014

Since we didn't have preparation day on Monday last week, we had quite a busy day!! I feel like it went by SO quickly!! We were all around the town, looking for those who are prepared. Since Tuesday was our preparation day, we had some time to chill. BUT haha we were super busy!! Nikki and her twin Krissy ( the one who just got baptized!!) Took us to this cool thrift shop. And then after that we went to lunch with a couple in the ward. I have been absolutely addicted to hearing about convert stories, and how couples met and tie the not. :) The couple we went out to lunch with are in their 80's. By the end of lunch they wanted us to meet with their daughter who is super in-active. On Wednesday we had a Zone Conference. It was my first one, so like any conference I went in with questions and ready to be slapped by the spirit! President talked a lot about obedience. There has been a big problem with cleanliness in the mission. ( The Elders have been BIG slobs.) Sister Nilsen gave a wonderful talk!! She talked about the Atonement; and how we can better use that in our lives. I wish I would have brought my note book... but haha that's what I remembered the most from that conference. 

On Thursday we visited this man. He's in his 60's and he doesn't know how to read. He explained to us that his parents were terrible alcoholics, and didn't make him go to school. The cool thing about this whole thing is, he has had missionaries in the past come over before for discussions. The Spirit is always super strong during our lessons with him. 

That evening we visited Krissy. Now, I have been thinking about the way the Holy Ghost changes our continence, and boy, has it truly changed Krissy for the better. She is so happy now!! She told us for the first time that she has been praying for specific things, and she recognizes how Heavenly Father answers her prayers. Hearing her say that made all of the frustration, and fasting and anxious prayers worth it. She wrote us a letter the other day and told us that before she joined the church she was super un-happy. She said that she was in a "dark world, and that she didn't know how to get out." The Gospel does that for me each day. Not as dark of a world as she was in, by any means. But sometimes I find myself in a bit of a spiritual rut. It's incredible how well our Heavenly Father knows each and every one of us. As much as He has helped His precious daughter, I believe that He has helped me too. 

For the past couple of years the Ohio Columbus Mission has been having youth 16-18 ( or recent converts who are interested in going on a mission) participate with the Full Time missionaries. They call them Mini-Missionaries!! Haha so, I have with me a mini-missionary!! Her name is Kimmi Hansen. She's from the Mt. Vernon ward ( where all of the Amish are!!) Her calling is to teach the little sunbeam Amish kids the gospel. :) She's sooo cool. :) It's a great conversation starter with people whenever we tract. 
All in all, this week has been incredible. 

Transfers are in 2 weeks, and this is President and Sister Nilsens last transfer. Time fly's by SO quickly out here!! The longer I am here, the longer I fall in love with Ohio. I love the children that run up to me and tell me and give me hugs. I love serving all of the elderly. I love seeing someone willing to change. I can't even express how much I love giving my all to the Lord. Whenever I think I don't have enough to give, He surprises me with more than I could ever expect. 

I love all of you!! And I hope that everyone has had a phenomenal week!!! 


Sister Zoe Preston      

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