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in the Ohio Columbus Mission. She will serve from March 2014 through September 2015. Follow her service here.

Monday, August 24, 2015

New Area, New Companion, Thug Life

So this week has been WILD.

I am in a new area, it's not too far away from Riverside. In fact I switched areas. I am in THE HEART OF COLUMBUS!! And I have a lot of homies who are teaching me how to be a "Straight up G." My new companions name is Sister Corbett. She is from West Jordan in Utah.
She is a straight up cool person. We get a long well. :) I forgot to mention that we were doubled in. This means that we were put into a new area without having a previous person here who knows it. It was a tender mercy for us since I have been on exchanges here, so I know my way around just a little bit. Our first couple of days have been really exhausting. On top of getting to know the current investigators here, we have been finding through our own efforts. It was kind of hot the other day when we were out knocking on doors. There were a lot of people out. We talked to a lot of people who would be interested in learning more.
 I have been hitting a big wall lately. Not a wall of not wanting to do the work, I am just extremely tired. My heart has been drawn out in prayer in order to push past the wall and to keep going against the grind.
In Columbus there are all sorts of different kinds of people. I like the verity. We had an interesting lesson with one of our investigators the other day. She mentioned to us that she has a problem with the men holding the Priesthood. I listened to her as she told us how "women don't have a say in our church, and how the men have all the say." My heart hurt for her, or maybe it hurt for me, I'm still trying to decide. I expressed to her as simply as I could that the Priesthood is a sacred gift given to men to help God's children. I told her that the best way to find this out for herself was to read the Book of Mormon and find out for herself if what we are saying and what the Book of Mormon are saying are true. We have a Mission Wide Leadership Training on Tuesday, so President Daines has asked us to come prepared to learn. He assigned a talk given by Elder Oaks to read entitled " The Keys and Authority of the Priesthood." click here for a link to the talk  Perfect timing if you ask me!
As I read this talk this morning I couldn't help but feel the love that God has for us. He must really trust us if he would give us His authority on the earth. I'm just going to throw this out there since I am being "straight up", men and women need each other. The more righteous men and woman are, the more they can influence one another.

Not only that but in order to reach exaltation we need the new and everlasting covenant  that is preformed under the priesthood authority. And I feel like I have a voice in this Church. Even though I am in a Missionary Council, I feel like my voice is heard. Any who, that's my soap box for the day. :) Our apartment is kind of ghetto. All of you wouldn't believe what I found.....

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