Sister Preston has been called to serve as a missionary of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
in the Ohio Columbus Mission. She will serve from March 2014 through September 2015. Follow her service here.

Monday, March 9, 2015

New Albany in the Spring

Hello Everyone!! Happy Spring! It has finally come in my neck of the woods!
I was in Powell for 6 months. . . and I miss it. But where I am now is truly inspired. I am in New Albany with Sister Garza. Sister Garza is from Michigan. Now for those who don't know about Ohio... those who are from Michigan are not exactly welcomed here. Due to the revelry between the schools. Sister Garza said that she's gotten some pretty funny reactions when she tells people that she is from Michigan. She is wonderful. The Sisters had gotten a ride from a member. Let me tell you, she is the funniest person. She cracks herself up. On the way home she got us some lunch. As we were feasting on some food we started talking about what she did before she retired. She made maps. Lots, and lots of maps. She showed us some of them. After we ate we went on our merry way to New Albany. I have been to New Albany before, but it was different this time since it is my area now. I felt like I was going into a whole new world. When we got to our apartment Sister Garza told me a bit about the members. The Saints where ever you go are amazing. That evening we saw a less active member who just had a wee baby. He was cute. This member wants to go to the Temple. We discussed the things that need to be done before entering into the house of the Lord. She is very excited. And ready to come back to church. Before We knew it it was dinner time.. and we had it with the same Sister who fed us lunch! I thought that she would have had enough of me! She welcomed us right in and we had a feast. After we had dinner with her we went to Missionary Coordination. It was great! I got to meet Bro. Hopkins, and his sweet wife. Sister McCall and Sister W ( I can't spell her last name so we'll just call her Sister W.). They are all wonderful.
Friday was weekly planning day. I've gained a strong testimony of weekly planning. They make all the difference. I forgot to mention that I am in a walking area. We share the car with the Elders. Since we walk we coordinate with the members where we need to be and what not. It's quite handy. On Saturday we were out and about meeting with people. We knocked on a few doors and met very nice people. We had the impression to go to another area. We followed this impression and ended up meeting a lady. She was walking her cure little dog. We walked up to her and started talking about the Gospel. It was a cool experience because when we started talking to her she told us that she had been looking into our church. She had a few doctrinal questions about the Plan of Salvation. Wise Sister Garza pulled out a pamphlet gave it to her. We ended the conversation with an invitation back to her house. ( Although today she called us to let us know that she doesn't want us over. At least she has a pamphlet. :)) That evening we went to the Adult session of Stake Conference. The talks were about Ward Councils and how they are to be governed. I thought back to the times when I have been to very revelatory Ward Councils. I love being apart of them as a missionary. We are an extension to not only the 12 Apostles, but to the Bishop and all of the auxiliary. President Daines had a few moments to share with us his testimony. He talked about power; and how we don't talk about it that much. We talk of the miracles and the tender mercies, but how often do we talk about the power that the Savior of the World has. He bore a powerful testimony of the Book of Mormon. I am surrounded by leaders to who love the Lord. As you all can imagine the Sunday meeting was even better. The topic of the evening was about being converted to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
 As you can all see, New Albany is treating me well. I hope that everyone has a great week!!
Sister Preston

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